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McLane Realty, Inc. is a professional, full service real estate firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana. McLane Realty, Inc. is providing services throughout the State of Indiana to its local and national clients. McLane Realty, Inc. is recognized by its clients for reliable and trusted service rendered for over 30 years.

This trust has been earned by offering consistent, honest, knowledgeable, and timely service which has resulted in the client knowing that they received the very best real estate service available.

When you call McLane Realty, Inc. for your real estate needs - selling, leasing or exchanging, you can count on that trust as the foundation of our business relationship.

McLane Realty, Inc. invites you into our web site to research available properties for sale, lease, exchange, and/or availability through other real estate providers such as the National Association of Realtors,, Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors,, and /or Indiana Commercial Board of Realtors,

If you have any questions, email Bill McLane at: 
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